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Refining and recycling of scrap precious metals

We buy scrap and waste with a special focus on those that contain:
Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium and Iridium,

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rimary field of company’s activity is recovering and refining of precious metals from a wide range of waste and scrap, obtained from both industrial and individual suppliers. We purchase precious metals and silver bearing materials in order to process them at our works. Our technologies and long-term experience allow us to guarantee high recovery yields and short lead times. We also render services of recovering and refining delivered materials containing precious metals and silver, based on rules individually agreed with a customer.

Every delivered material containing precious metal or silver is evaluated individually in two aspects: technological and economical.  We acquaint our customers with this evaluation results and that guarantees harmonious and favorable cooperation for both parties.

Refining and recycling

Cooperation with INNOVATOR recycling department


  • The first step to cooperation is a consultation and evaluation of the material.  The best way to conduct it is to visit our office, We encourage you to announce your visit in advance by phone. 
  • An additional option, is the possibility of consultation by e-mail. For this purpose, you need to send a description, photos and a mass of material,
  • The purpose of the consultation is to make a preliminary estimate of the possibility of processing and profitability of processing for the customer.  
  • The supplier will also obtain an approximate purchase price for the refining.


  • The consultation stage is followed by the acceptance of the material for deposit,
  • The material is weighed by committee and stored in a sealed container
  • The material is still owned by the supplier,
  • Leaving the material, the supplier receives a deposit confirmation document. The deposit confirmation carries an individual number, specifies the type, quantity and supplier of the material,
  • The confirmation must be signed by both the INNOVATOR representative and the supplier’s representative, the material supplier has the right to withdraw the deposit.

Homogenization and analysis:

  • Homogenizacja jest procesem uśrednienia zawartości metalu w dostarczonym materiale,Homogenization is the process of averaging the metal content of the supplied material,
  • Homogenization makes it possible to take representative samples for chemical analysis of aggregate content,
  • We accept materials for purchase only after they have been analyzed in a certified laboratory with which we cooperate and full knowledge of the content of the precious metal in question in the entire batch of material,
  • The results of the laboratory examination of the content of a given precious metal in the material offered to us are the authoritative and binding result for us, and on their basis we make a settlement with the customer.


  • Based on the analysis of the content of precious materials, the value of the material is determined, which is the basis for further settlements,
  • A purchase/refining settlement is prepared, in this document all the details of the service are presented.
  • We pay the money by bank transfer or cash
Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis

In order to provide a high level of service to the market, INNOVATOR focuses on providing the highest quality analysis for our customers.

The composition of recovery materials is confirmed by chemical composition analysis on a PerkinElmer® Optima™ 8000 ICP-OES spectrometer.

In addition, INNOVATOR is in continuous cooperation with a certified analytical chemistry laboratory.

Service casting of bars

Service casting of bars

We can make silver and gold bars from refined material. The bars are offered in the following weights:

Silver: 250 g 500 g 1000 g;

Gold: 100 g; 250 g; 500 g;

Each customer to the bar receives a certificate confirming the bullion content of the bar. Each bar is marked with a unique number and the INNOVATOR logo.

Examples of silver waste:

Rivets and contact pads

Contacts from electrotechnical and telecommunications apparatus

Scrap silver jewelry

Polishing pastes, semifinished products, culls and slags from the jewelry industry

Electronic components

Precious metal-containing integrated circuits, transistors, reed switches, diodes, printed circuit edge strips, microswitches,

Sludge after electrochemical processes,

Containing precious metals

Waste from the chemical industry,

Parts of chemical apparatus, electrodes, catalysts, grids, wires, porosity waste


Batteries containing precious metals

Waste and semi-finished products from the metallurgical industry

Containing precious metals

Conductive and resistor pastes

As well as waste from the disposal of organic matter from the production of hybrid systems by screen printing

Waste from the reclamation of antique objects,

Enamel pastes and slurries containing silver and gold

Ceramics with precious metals

Ceramic tiles with paths of gold, platinum and other precious metals from the electronics, electrical, automotive industries

Technical dust and sludge

Derived from the metallurgical and chemical industries

Catalysts and molecular sieves

Containing platinum and palladium from the chemical industry

Przykładowe odpady zawierające złoto i platynowce

Electronic components

Integrated circuits, processors, transistors, reed switches, diodes, printed circuit edge strips, microswitches,


Gold-plated sockets and plugs


Contacts containing gold, palladium, platinum, rhodium


containing platinum and rhodium

Laboratory equipment

containing platinum, rhodium, iridium

Jewelry scraps

Polishing pastes, semifinished products, culls and slags from the jewelry industry

Catalysts and molecular sieves

containing platinum and palladium from the chemical industry

Conductive and resistor pastes

containing platinum, and waste from the disposal of organic matter from the production of hybrid systems by screen printing technique

Sludge and technical waste

from the metallurgical and chemical industries

And many more…