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Lead products

We supply a wide range of cast, rolled and pressed lead products and lead semi-finished products. Among other products, we offer lead in the form of lead sheets and foils, as well as tubes, strips, shot, seals, etc.

Lead sheets, strips and foils

Lead sheets are used as, among other things:

  • radiation shielding
  • internal coatings of chemical chambers
  • anodes for electroplating
  • roofing

We offer lead sheets:

  • of pure lead -(Pb99.94 or Pb99.97 by standard PN-EN 12659)
  • of lead alloys – with copper (by standard DIN 17640 or BS 1178), silver, antimony or tin
  • plated with tin on one and both sides
  • corrugated for roofing with standard thickness of 0.5mm or 0.6mm and width: 150-500mm, max length 2500mm
  • self-adhesive lead sheets, varnished


Width [mm].

Thickness[mm]10 – 2020 – 250250 – 280280 – 300300- 350350-400400 – 450450 – 10001000 -20002000 – 2600
0,030 – 0,049xxx
0,050 – 0,099xxxx
0,200 – 0,300xxxxxx
0,600 – 0,900xxxxxxxx
1,000 – 7,000xxxxxxxx
7,100 – 20,00xxxxxxxx
21 – 50xxx

As a standard, we offer lead sheeting with a width of 1000mm, but we adjust the dimensions of the sheeting to meet the individual needs of the customer, according to technological possibilities. The approximate range of possibilities is given in the table above.

Lead in sheet form is mainly used as radiation protection. In radiology offices, sheet metal with thicknesses of 0.5mm; 1.0mm and 2.0mm are most often used, but the final thickness of lead protection depends on the intensity of emitted radiation.

Knowing the density of lead (11.68 kg/dm3 ), one can easily calculate the weight of a lead sheet of a particular dimension by multiplying the volume by the density. For example, 1m2 of 1mm thick lead sheet is 11.68kg.

Self-adhesive lead sheet

Lead sheet covered with a layer of glue on one side and varnish on the other (dark gray color). It is rolled up in rolls for easy transportation.

It comes in 4 thicknesses:

  • 0.5 x 1000mm – length to be agreed, min. 2mb max. 10mb in one section
  • 1.0 x 1000 mm – length to be agreed, min. 2mb max. 5mb in one section
  • 1.5 × 1000 × 2500 mm
  • 2.0 × 1000 × 2500 mm

Lead pipes

Material: Pb99.97 or Pb99.9 (by arrangement only) according to PN-EN 12659 standard, also with antimony addition (Sb 0.5- 10%),

Basic dimensions:
Outside diameter: Φ 6 ÷ 152 mm,
Wall thickness: 1 ÷ 11 mm
Length: 1000 ÷ 3000mm also in coils

On special order we can make also other dimensions, max dimension Φ 205x15mm

Lead wires, rods

Main use: they are used for soldering or as a sealing element, and can also be used as anodes in chrome plating baths.

Material: Pb99.97 or Pb99.9 (by arrangement only) according to PN-EN 12659 standard, also with addition of antimony (Sb 0.5- 10%), tin, silver, indium and others according to customer’s request

Diameter range: from 1÷200 mm

ø 1÷13mm – on spools, in coils or rods
ø 13÷32mm – in coils or bars over
ø 32mm – in bars

Lead, strip strips and profiles

The extruded belts, strips and profiles are mainly used as anodes in chrome plating tanks and as sealing material in corrosive environments, or as M-profiles in electroplating. 

Material: Pb99.97 or Pb99.9 (by arrangement only) according to PN-EN 12659 standard, also with the addition of antimony (Sb 0.5- 10%), tin, silver, indium and others according to the customer’s request

Belt dimensions

Thickness of strips: 1 ÷ 20 mm
Width of strips: 4 ÷ 130 mm

They can also be supplied with handles as anodes for chrome baths.

Lead anodes

Rolled, cast or extruded supplied in dimensions and with fixings agreed individually with the customer.

Made of pure lead or lead alloys with tin, antimony, copper or silver.

Lead shot

Calibrated shot

We can supply the following diameters of calibrated shot (of a specific diameter) with a composition on request (after agreeing on a production minimum):

pure lead (Pb99.97):    4.4; 4.46; 4.50; 5.16; 5.65; 6.09; 6.22; 6.83; 7.62; 8.13; 8.43 mm;

Lead with antimony (PbSb3.5):     4.5; 5.16; 5.65; 6.09; 6.22; 6.83; 7.62; 8.13; 8.43; 9.14; 9.65; 11.40; 13.84; mm

Uncalibrated shot

(ballast, unformed) with a bulk weight of about 6-7kg/l, which is usually available in stock.

It is possible to supply lead shot electroplated with tin, copper or nickel.

Lead seals

Available sizes:  ø 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 mm;

Standard thickness: 5 mm

Diameter:8 mm10 mm12 mm14 mm16 mm
Number of pieces:463 szt.268 szt.158 szt.126 szt.93 szt.

We also offer special sealing wire, both steel and on steel braided nylon line. On special order, we also make copper sealing wire, available plain or with braid. The wire can be packaged on spools or cut into agreed sections.

Lead wool

Pb99.9 lead wool, with a fiber thickness of 0.15 to 0.30 mm and a width of up to 4 mm, is used for sealing flanged joints and for sealing walls and ceilings, especially in places that are difficult to access and require protection from radiation.

Very good plasticity ensures quick and easy filling and sealing even of small holes.

Lead resistance to harmful environmental influences is a guarantee of long-term durability of sealing

Lead bricks

Used wherever it is necessary to protect against very strong radioactive radiation, especially in medicine and nuclear power, in laboratories with strong radiation emitters, etc. Offered lead bricks allow free laying of walls with guaranteed tightness at joints due to the use of “tongue” gouges and splines.

As a standard, the bricks are made of lead-antimony alloy (with a maximum addition of 3% Sb).

It is possible to supply bricks with shapes and dimensions agreed with the customer.

Lead profiles for stained-glass

Material: Pb99.97 or PbSb0.5, PbSb1, PbSb2 also stiffened with a steel wire core

Supplied as standard in coils of about 30 kg.

The offered range of shapes and dimensions is available electronically or in print on request, please contact our sales department if you are interested in this range.