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Electrical components

The main products are various types of wires used in electronics and electrical engineering

Wires of copper and its alloys in various states of hardening, with diameters from 0.1 mm to 5 mm also electroplated.

The types of electroplating coatings used are silver, gold, nickel, tin, copper, on request also others according to the customer’s request.

Silver-plated copper wire

We manufacture a wide range of silver plated copper wire that is known for its flexibility, resistance, and high conductivity

Tin-plated copper wire

We manufacture a wide range of tin plated copper wire in electrolytic process

CuMn3 resistance wire

Resistance wires are used in electrical appliances and heating technology

Amorphous magnetic cores

Amorphous cores are made of sheet metal, which with its crystallographic structure resembles glass rather than metal. 

Copper, brass and bronze wires

In the grade agreed with the customer in various diameters and states of hardening
Packed on spools or in coils