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Radiation shielding

Radiation protection in industry and medicine

Comprehensive implementation and supply of radiation shielding

We offer comprehensive implementation of radiation shielding for medical facilities and industry.  We use lead sheet mounting systems in existing buildings, production halls and during the creation of new investments.  

We also offer technical consultation, and comprehensive supply of shielding elements to contractors.

Industrial Radiation Shielding

Radiology doors

When using heavy automatic doors, there is no need to build concrete labyrinths

Room linings

When performing our services, we offer lining with clean lead sheets. 

Radiological gates

Solutions designed for non-destructive testing labs

Radiation shielding for medicine

X-ray doors

Room linings

Mobile shields

Shielding products

INNOVATOR Ltd. offers a range of lead-based products that are used as radiation shielding in many industries, science and medicine.

The following are used for radiation protection:

  • lead sheets, tapes, foils and plates
  • wełnę ołowianą
  • cegły ołowiane

Special Solutions

We make designs and supply all kinds of shielding products according to customer requirements.