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Soft magnetic cores

Soft magnetic cores

Amorphous cores are made of sheet metal, which with its crystallographic structure resembles glass more than metal. 

The properties of this sheet metal have found application in the manufacture of transformers.  Amorphous cores allow the miniaturization of transformers and reduce the losses generated in them. 

Research on amorphous cores has been carried out since 1982 by the Department of Functional Materials of Lukasiewicz-Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals.  

High-end modern production equipment and cooperation with an accredited magnetic measurement laboratory allow us to offer the highest quality components.

Manufactured core types

ACoLAmorphous coresmagnetic screensThe material has good soft magnetic properties in the AQ state
AFeNiLAmorphous cores with high magnetic permeabilitypulse power supplies, force sensorshigh rectangularity ~ 0.99, high specific resistance
AMLAmorphous cores for distribution exposing transformersTransformers with 230/24V transmission of 200 watts to 1000 wattsEnergy saving, environmental protection, idle power losses are about 80% lower than for silicon steel core transformers
ANT(P); NFT(P)Amorphous and nanocrystalline, rectangular cores for transformers with increased operating frequencylow and medium power transformers with increased operating frequencyEasy installation; low remamence; linear dependence of B(H) over a large range of B changes
AMTAmorphous cores with high saturation induction and reduced magnetic permeabilityspecial transformers; switching power supplies; induction heating 
NFGNanocrystalline cores with reduced magnetic permeabilitySwitching power supplieshigher saturation induction (Bs≥1T); lower losses than in a conventional ferrite choke; lower number of turns;
NFINanocrystalline cores with high saturation induction and magnetic permeabilityanti-interference reactors; transformers; current transformersHigh saturation induction; good temperature stability
NFTNanocrystalline cores with reduced remamenceSwitching power supplies; Special power supplies 
NPTNanocrystalline cores with high saturation induction and reduced magnetic permeabilityspecial transformers; switching power supplies; induction heatingThe linear relationship of B(H) over a large range of changes in B
AMZAmorphous cores for medium frequency transformersTransformers for induction heating; mains transformers; transformers for static convertersbraided design allowing ready-made windings to be applied to the core

Production range

Explanation of parameters

  • (P) — Rectangular version
  • Bs — Saturation induction
  • Br — Remamence
  • Hc — Coercion field
  • μmax — Magnetic permeability
  • Ps [W/kg] — Power losses in the core
  • λs — Magnetorestriction
  • fp [kHz]— Frequency
  • Tp — Operating temperature

Geometric dimensions of the cores

 Dimensions Parameters      Working conditions 
TypeOD/ H
BsBr Hc
μmax Ps
ACol30-50≥ 200,6-0,7T0,3-0,45T1,5-2 = 100 000 – 200 000   >~ >150
AFeNiL30-50≥ 200,78-0,8T0,75T3-4 ≥ 200 0000,1(for f=50Hz i B=0,7T)12 x 10-6> 20 >150
AML30-200≤ 201,4-1,56T1-1,3T5-8≥ 100 0000,2-0,3 (for f=50Hz i B=1,4T)25 x 10-6> 10 >200
AML(P)50-200≤ 201,4-1,56T0,8T5-8 ≥ 100 0000,2-0,3 (for f=50Hz i B=1,4T)25 x 10-6> 10 >200
AMT50-12030-801,4-1,56T0,1-0,3T < 10 ≥ 20000,1 (for f=50Hz i B=1,1T)25 x 10-6> 20 >200
AMT(P)15-5015-250≤ 1,5T≤ 0,11T     > 5 >100
NFT≤ 120≤ 801,15-1,2T0,05-0,25T 1-1,5 ≤ 30 000
(The linear relationship of B(H) to the value of B=1T )
0,01 (for f=50Hz i B=1,1T);
Ps= 146 W/kg
(for f=100Hz i B=0,4T)
0,5 x 10-6> 300 >200
NFT(P)15-5015-250≤ 1,5T≤ 0,11T     > 5>100
NFG25-5020-401,1T≤ 0,02T μ= 20-100   > ~ MHz>150
NFI≤ 120≤ 801,15-1,2T0,8-1T < 10 μ > 100 000;
≥ 300 000 – 500 000
0,04 (for f=50Hz i B=1,1T)0,5 x 10-6> 300 >200
NPT≤ 50-120≤ 30-801,5-1,6T0,1-0,3T30-50 ≤ 15001-2(for f=50Hz i B=1,4T)8 x 10-6> 100 >250
AMZ≥ 60≤ 401,5-1,6T~ 0,8T 5 000-100 0001,4 – 1,56(for f=50Hz i B=1,4T)25 x 10-6> 20 >200
AMZ(P)≥ 50≤ 301,4-1,56T~ 0,8T 5 000-100 0000,2 – 0,3 (for f=50Hz i B=1,4T)25 x 10-6> 20 >200