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Precious metals

Silver, gold, platinum, palladium and alloys of these metals are offered in pure form or processed into products such as:

  • granules, powders and bars
  • semi-finished products used in jewelry and technology such as – tubes, rods, wires, strips, sheets, anodes
  • gold and platinum compounds used, for example, in the preparation of electroplating baths or in the production of catalysts,

Pure precious metals

Metal granules and powders

  • Silver of purity in accordance with the PN-70/H-82205 standard in the grade Ag0 (Ag min 99.99%), Ag1 (Ag min 99.96%) is offered in the form of powder and granulate
  • gold in Au99.99 grade – sponge and granulate (there is a possibility to make Au of 99.999 purity)
  • platinum in Pt99,99 grade – sponge
  • palladium in the grade Pd99,99 – sponge
  • rhodium in the grade Rh99,9 – sponge

Semi-finished precious metal products

Semi-finished products for jewelry and industry

Our product range includes a wide range of semi-finished products made of silver, gold or their alloys, e.g.

  • rods, wires,
  • tubes,
  • strips, sheets,
  • anodes
  • other non-standard products made to the customer’s order

The above assortment is mainly materials for the production of jewelry and silverware in jewelry studios. It is also widely used in industrial applications such as as a material for contacts and brazing.

Precious metal bars

In addition to granules and sponges, INNOVATOR sp. z. o. o. produces precious metal bars. 

Gold and silver bars have investment purposes and are used as semi-finished products in industry. 

Ingots produced by INNOVATOR are characterized by high quality casting and their composition is confirmed by chemical composition analysis on PerkinElmer® Optima™ 8000 ICP-OES spectrometer.  

Each customer to the bar receives a certificate confirming the bullion content of the bar. Each bar is marked with a unique number and the INNOVATOR logo.

Production range

Silver Ag 999

  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1000g

Gold Au 9999*

  • 100g
  • 250g
  • 500g

* Gold bars made to order

Flat bars, Sheets, Strips

  • Silver flat bars Ag0; Ag930; Ag935 – width max.130 mm, thickness max.10 mm.
  • Silver sheets Ag0; Ag930; Ag935 – max. width 500 mm
  • Ag0 silver anodes;
  • Silver strips Ag0; Ag930; Ag935 – Minimum thickness 0.2mm
  • Platinum tapes,
  • Palladium strips,
  • Gold strips,
  • Solder in the form of LS45 tape and other solder alloys

Bars, wires and tubes

  • Silver bars Ag0; Ag930; Ag935
  • Silver wiresAg0; Ag930; Ag935
  • Silver core wires with LS70 solder
  • Platinum wires,
  • Palladium wires,
  • Gold wires
  • Thick-walled silver pipes Ag0; Ag935 – max. Ø 27 mm, ściana 2,0 mm
  • Thin-walled silver tubesAg935 – średnica 1 mm ÷ 10 mm, ściana 0,2-0,3 mm
  • Silver hexagonal tubes bolted along the axis, free wall: diameters 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm

Chemical compounds of precious metals

  • chloroplatinic acid solution,
  • chloropalladium acid solution, 
  • chloropalladic acid solution, 
  • a solution containing Pt-Rh,
  • palladium nitrate

The above products are used in a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, electronics, automotive industry (for the production of catalysts), jewelry, dentistry and many others.

We can also provide other precious metal chemical compounds upon individual request.


Rhenium alloys

The company has special Re-Ni and Re-Co electrochemical alloys on order.

Ammonium perrhenate (APR)

composition: NH4ReO4
purity NH4ReO4:  99,9

Rhenium compounds

The company has customized rhenium compounds with components included in superalloys, i.e. nickel and cobalt.