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Re-Ni and Re-Co ALLOY

The company offers special electrochemical Re-Ni and Re-Co alloys available on request.

The alloys are characterised by:

- uniform composition of wide Re content range (in mass percent):

--- 40-60% Re and 60-40% Ni for Re-Ni alloy,

--- 50-85% Re and 50-15% Co for Re-Co alloy,

- suitable appearance – pieces of few cm or fine powder,

- low melting temperature between 1500-1600°C


Re-Ni alloy pieces

Re-Ni alloy powder

Re-Co alloy powder

Metallic and uniform Re-Ni and Re-Co alloys produced in electrochemical process are excellent materials for pre-alloys, master alloys for special alloy compositions, or nickel and/or cobalt superalloys containing rhenium and other refrectory metals.

Special alloys and superalloys are especially used in applications that require high mechanical strength in especially difficult operating conditions, e.g. high working temperature, very corrosive environment, variable dynamic load. The are used in aviation, energy, thermoelectric, arms, biomedicine or electrotechnical industries.

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