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Since the begining INNOVATOR has been manufacturing and render services based on technologies developed by the scientific and researching teams in the of Institute of Non-ferrous Metals and own engineering and technical personnel. Cooperation with researching division in the Institute is a permenent part of company's policy. Thanks to this colaboration INNOVATOR can progressively activates production of new products and rendering new services.
Main activity field is secondary waste management and processing especially production of silver, gold, platinum, palldium and other precious metals. INNOVATOR is a significant manufacturer of wires and strips, maliny copper and brass electroplated with silver, tin, nickel and other metals. Important field of company activity is non-ferrous metals trade, especially tin, lead and their alloys.
INNOVATOR apart from refining and electroplating helps with technical advisory services concerning metalurgy and plastic working of non-ferrous metals. At the present company employs 19 workers and the value of products and services sale reaches abort 10 milions zlotych a year. High qualified personnel in addition to modern technologies, very good knowledge of market and wide contacts in the branch cause that INNOVATOR is capable to put into practice non-standard, often very though tasks.


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